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Polypharmacy During Final Months of Life Can Be Futile

Many older people are prescribed ten-plus medications during their last months of life

A new study published in The American Journal of Medicine finds that older adults often receive numerous medications of questionable benefit in their final months of life. Previous estimates have shown that between 25 and 40 percent of people aged … Continue reading

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Book Review: “At the End of Life: True Stories of How We Die” Edited by Lee Gutkind

An enlightening book takes us into the hearts of people touched by death

Lee Gutkind’s “At the End of Life: True Stories of How We Die” is not an an easy read. True stories about death and suffering rarely are. Nor is it what most of us would think of as an entertaining … Continue reading

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The Death Rattle — Not Music to Your Ears?

The death rattle can be unnerving and scary for loved ones, but adding overriding noise can help

As a person gets closer to death, they can begin a type of noisy breathing that sounds like a wet snore. Called the “death rattle,” it can be difficult to listen to. Thankfully, it is not too common. Because it’s … Continue reading

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A Letter to Your Doctor Gives Instructions for End-of-Life Care

Stanford Letter Project lets people communicate what they value most

A unique project is underway at Stanford Medicine in Palo Alto, California. Thousands of patients are writing letters to their doctors expressing exactly what they do and do not want as they approach the end of their lives. Based on … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Let’s Talk About Death” by Steve Gordon and Irene Kacandes

A collection of email exchanges between a Dartmouth professor and a massage therapist explores the subject of mortality

“Let’s Talk About Death: Asking The Questions That Profoundly Change The Way We Live and Die” is a powerful collection of frank, beautifully written email exchanges between Dartmouth professor Irene Kacandes and massage therapist and former journalist Steve Gordon exploring … Continue reading

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What Forms of Support Exist for Children Facing End of Life? An Interview with Angie Carmignani

Angie Carmignani of The Taylor Family Foundation helps children at the end of their lives and their families with various forms of support

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Angie Carmignani, Executive Director of The Taylor Family Foundation, an organization striving to enhance the quality of life for children facing disabilities and life-threatening illnesses as well as providing support for those at the end of … Continue reading

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