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Is Alkaline Hydrolysis Good for the Environment?

An interview with Philip Olson, Part Two

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Philip Olson, an assistant professor of Science and Technology in Society at Virginia Tech. Olson researches bioethics and environmental ethics, analyzing society’s complex relationship with new technologies. He has a particular interest in the study of alkaline … Continue reading

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Want to Care for Earth Even After You’re Dead? Put on the Mushroom Death Suit

Jae Rhim Lee, the founder of the Infinity Burial Project, turns to mushrooms as an answer for a greener future

There’s something elemental about mushrooms, as they appear with their earthy smell — the very manifestations of the soil itself. In ancient Egypt, mushrooms were declared sacred and were only consumed by royalty. Associated with mythology and lore, mushrooms can … Continue reading

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Planning for End of Life: Final Care After Death

Planning for death is overwhelming. We asked home funeral professional Sally Shannon for insight into your after-death options.

3 Tips for Understanding Your After-Death Options: One of the most important things to consider during your end of life planning is the final care you will receive after death. Home funeral expert Sally Shannon gave us a few tips … Continue reading

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Restoring Coral Reefs through Sea Burial

Eternal Reefs rebuild ecosystems with cremated remains

From pyramids to space burial, technology informs the rituals by which we memorialize our losses. Now we can do so while simultaneously restoring fragile, diminishing ecosystems. Imagine literally turning death into vibrant, dense sea life with layers of coral and schools … Continue reading

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Wiccan Funeral Customs

From going green to reincarnation -- what to expect at a Wiccan funeral

While common stereotypes link Wiccan beliefs to magic potions and fairy dust, there are some surprising elements to be found in Wiccan culture – if you do a little research. One of those elements is the Wiccan funeral, which emphasizes … Continue reading

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