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Consumers Petition the FTC to Force Funeral Homes to Post Prices Online

Consumer groups want the 32-year-old “Funeral Rule” revised

In July 2016, the Funeral Consumers Alliance and the Consumer Federation of America joined forces in petitioning the Federal Trade Commission to revise its nearly 32-year-old Funeral Rule and require funeral homes to disclose their pricing online. Updating the rule … Continue reading

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What Is The Benefit of A Member Owned Cooperative Funeral Home? An Interview with Nora Menkin, Part Two

The Co-op Funeral Home of The People's Memorial Managing Director discusses the cooperative

Today is part two (read part one) of SevenPonds interview with Nora Menkin, Managing Director of The Co-op Funeral Home of The People’s Memorial in Seattle. The Co-op Funeral Home of People’s Memorial is one of the only cooperative funeral … Continue reading

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Alkaline Hydrolysis: Green Burial or Scientific Nightmare?

A new disposition method liquefies the body, preserves the environment and horrifies funeral consumers

Given the numerous environmental issues overshadowing the 21st century, learning how to live sustainably is a generally accepted responsibility. But what about learning how to die sustainably? Traditional burials take up valuable space. Cremation requires lots of energy, often supplied … Continue reading

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Corruption and Incompetence in the Coroner’s Office

Many coroners do not provide quality end of life investigation

Massively controversial but often overlooked is the institution of the coroner. Inherited from Great Britain back in colonial days, the position originated as the King’s investigator who kept track of deaths and, more importantly, collected some last death taxes. Today … Continue reading

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