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Since When Does Cremation Not Include Fire?

Hey Cremation Association of North America (CANA), what's up with the new definition of "cremation"?

I write this with the greatest of disappointment. As a former CANA (Cremation Association of North America) member for many years, I’m discouraged by the organization having allowed a redefinition of “cremation” to sometimes not include fire. Come on CANA … Continue reading

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How Ancient Nordic Viking Funeral Burials Reflect Common World Traditions

Contrary to pop culture depictions, Norse burial funerals were conservative affairs reflective of religious belief

While the words “Viking Funeral” may call to mind images of grandly burning pyres, warrior heroes laid to waste, set to sea to have their ship lit from afar by a burning arrow, much of this is the work of … Continue reading

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An Interview with Stephanie Gaines: Part Two

The conclusion of SevenPonds’ conversation with the Crestone End-of-Life Project director

Last week, we published the first part of our interview with Stephanie, whose organization CEOLP operates one of the nation’s only legal open-air cremation sites. Today we find out a bit more about the Colorado site and the experiences of … Continue reading

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An Interview with Stephanie Gaines: Part One

The Crestone End-of-Life Project director talks to us about her organization and its singular open-air cremation site

While funeral pyres are common in places like India, the practice of open-air cremation is still very rare in the United States. Yet there has been a shift towards non-traditional burial methods. In the small town of Crestone, CO, Stephanie … Continue reading

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