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Reflections on Life & Death in Auguste Rodin’s “Cathedral”

What the French sculpture says about life, death, and the relationship between our humanity and spirituality

French sculptor Auguste Rodin (12 November 1840 – 17 November 1917) had an ability to explore profound, spiritual themes through ostensibly simple forms – in this case, a pair of two hands. Rodin’s “Cathedral” or “Cathedral Hands” (1908) looks at … Continue reading

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NPR Announces New Series: “Conversations On The Afterlife”

The radio station opens up a unique dialogue on death, dying and the afterlife

NPR will be broadcasting a number of discussions on the subject of dying this month in their series, “Conversations On The Afterlife.” In particular, the station will place its emphasis on the concept of an afterlife according to men and … Continue reading

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Buddhism and the Eastern Middle Ground

In Buddhist tradition, our death falls into a plane of existence that continues even after our final breath

The relation of life to death, what happens after the end, what we do with the years we have and what we leave behind, remains perhaps the most consistently affecting and important issue plaguing human life. Religions throughout the ages … Continue reading

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The AIDS Crisis and Representations of Heaven in “Angels in America”

The play's poignant, brutally honest take on the physical, mental, emotional crisis of an AIDS patient

Tony Kushner’s Angels in America is almost too big to discuss: a sprawling three-part, six-hour play ambitiously covering themes ranging from love and abandonment, to homosexuality and Mormonism, to faith and religion, to disease and dying, to politics and justice, … Continue reading

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