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Our Monthly Tip: Seven Holiday Gifts for Someone Who Is Grieving

These gifts may help a loved one who has suffered a loss

The holiday season is often especially difficult for people coping with loss. Celebrating traditional holidays without a loved one can bring up intense feelings of grief. That’s why we are offering you these seven holiday gift ideas for someone who … Continue reading

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Presence Is the Best Gift for a Loved One in a Nursing Home

The most thoughtful gift for someone who is separated from their old life is your time

We all know, whether we acknowledge it or not, that nursing homes are depressing places. No matter what they call themselves; no matter how nicely decorated and well-staffed they are, they are little more than repositories for the elderly and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Famous Last Words

Pocket-sized book takes a lighter look at some notable final utterances

Are a person’s last words important? Do they leave some indelible mark on this world, having been the final vocalizations of a human being before he or she passes into the next one? I’ll leave that for you to decide. … Continue reading

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The Conversation Project Helps You Give the Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season

Download this free tool to help you talk to loved ones and make better end of life decisions

The Conversation Project has launched a timeless and invaluable gift to share with your loved ones this holiday season. “The Gift” is a tool designed to help families have a conversation about death and dying by sharing what matters most … Continue reading

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