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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil May Protect the Brain Against Alzheimer’s

New study reports that extra-virgin olive oil could protect against cognitive decline

Extra-virgin olive oil may protect against cognitive decline, according to a new study recently published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. The study, conducted by researchers at Temple University, concludes that extra-virgin olive oil contributed to the preservation of … Continue reading

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The Tombs of the Basilica di Santa Croce

The world's largest Franciscan church is also a mausoleum

The Basilica di Santa Croce (Basilica of the Holy Cross), also known as the Temple of the Italian Glories, is the principal Franciscan church in Florence, Italy and the largest Franciscan church in the world. Construction of the church began in … Continue reading

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Weekly Tip—Settling Foreign Property after Death

Understand the laws that could alter the intentions you have for a foreign property after death

When we think about end-of-life plans – settling an estate, finding an estate lawyer – we think of our home base. But what about the individuals who have the burden of estate planning for a foreign property? What will become of their … Continue reading

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Italian Funeral Traditions

A look into Italian cultural beliefs about death and funeral traditions

As a culture, Italians are often inclined towards heavily theatrical rituals when it comes to major life events. Death and funerals, however, are exceptions: these focus more on the seriousness and the finality of death. Informed by the teachings of Catholicism, the … Continue reading

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A Man Immortal? Roman Funeral Sculptures

In Ancient Roman funerals, the death of a family member called for a distinct craft

The role sculpture plays in memorializing loved ones who’ve passed seems almost inherent today. Personalization thrives in our contemporary selection of memorial sculptures, where families can select anything from angels to motorcycles for a family member. But where did the … Continue reading

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Etruscan Sarcophagi and the Marriage Bed (Part 1 of 2)

An Ancient Civilization Views Death as a Banquet in the Afterlife

Despite their extensive historical legacy, the Romans were not the only ancient civilization to populate Italy.  The Etruscans were a tribe located in what is currently known as Tuscany, though the famous historian Herodotus traces their origins to Asia Minor. … Continue reading

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