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Spinning Out of Control

Life doesn’t stop because someone in the family is terminally ill

One of the difficult realities that people living with a terminal illness must deal with is the fact that life goes on much as it did before. Despite the “new normals” of doctor’s appointments and lab tests and physical changes … Continue reading

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Life Is More Than Just Waiting for The End

Living an authentic life is always a choice

Each month Kathleen Clohessy, R.N., offers a new perspective on living with a terminal illness. Kathleen comes to SevenPonds with 25 years experience as a registered nurse caring for families and children facing life-threatening illness. She began her career in the … Continue reading

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Be Careful with How You Use War Metaphors for Terminally Ill Patients with Cancer

According to language and end-of-life care experts in a recent study, using metaphors, such as “losing your battle” or “battle to be fought,” can have a detrimental effect on the feelings of those dealing with terminal cancer diagnoses

According to an article on U.K.’s The Independent’s website, those with expertise in language and end-of-life care are saying that the standard media practice of describing “cancer as a ‘battle to be fought’ are leading to feelings or failure and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ann Patchett’s Truth & Beauty

A remarkable story about friendship, love, life, and death

I rarely make it through an entire book without leaving a few notes and dog-earing a couple pages, but by the end of Truth & Beauty, I was surprised to find every page unmarked and unbent.  I picked up the … Continue reading

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Dying to Do Letterman Chronicles the Journey of a Comedian Living With Cancer

Steve Mazan encourages others to chase their dreams, 'or die trying'

At age 35, ten years into his career, comedian Steve Mazan learned he had cancer and might have only five years to live. “The doctors told us [Mazan and his wife Denise], ‘Look, the tumors are slow-growing,’ Steve told Laughspin in … Continue reading

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