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How Can a “Dreamscape” Help Grieving Families Heal?

An interview with Nancy Gershman, Part One

Today SevenPonds speaks with Nancy Gershman, a memory artist who creates “Dreamscapes” for people in hospice and their families. A Dreamscape is a photo collage that serves as a physical image of a memory or something the ill/deceased person wanted … Continue reading

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New Laws Loosen Restrictions on Food and Drinks Served in Funeral Homes

Lawmakers pass measures allowing families to eat during memorial services

For decades, it was illegal for funeral homes in most states to serve food of any kind on the property, even if families requested this service. At the time, lawmakers were concerned about the spread of food-borne illness, believing that … Continue reading

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A High School Class Called “Hospice”

The Harley School in Rochester, New York, runs a hospice volunteer class for its high school seniors

In 2002, Bob Kane created an award-winning hospice volunteer program for high school students at Rochester, New York’s Norman Howard School. He then moved on to The Harley School in Rochester, where he created a class for high school seniors … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Story Lately Told by Anjelica Huston

Part one of Huston's autobiography reveals a fascinating childhood, difficult father-daughter relationship and the death of Huston's mother

It’s easy to understand why actress, model and 70s “It Girl” Anjelica Huston has divided her memoir in two. The first half, A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in London, Ireland and New York (Scribner, 2013) primarily chronicles her … Continue reading

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Transforming a View of Kazimir Malevich’s Deathbed from a Famous Photograph into a Painting

James Sheehan’s postage stamp-sized watercolor, “Death of Malevich,” uses distance and scale to toy with how viewers’ interpretations and experiences of loss and grief can easily turn from clear to blurry and vice versa

New York artist James Sheehan’s “Death of Malevich (2013),” a postage stamp-sized watercolor based on the famous 1935 photograph of Malevich on his deathbed, has recently been installed at New York’s The Drawing Center. As The Drawing Center’s website states, … Continue reading

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A Soft, Spherical Shelter

Cries and Whispers, a healing hideaway created by an award-winning designer Jephson Robb, was inspired by his seven-month old niece’s loss of her mother to cancer

A bright sphere the color of a purple crayon is on permanent display at the New York’s Museum of Modern Art. About five feet in diameter, this sculpture titled Cries and Whispers is made of soft felt and has a … Continue reading

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