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When a Loved One Chooses to Stop Treatment

That doesn’t mean they want to die

  Your loved one chooses to stop treatment that may provide more weeks or months of life. Perhaps they refuse more chemotherapy or continued dialysis. Although it may seem contradictory, this refusal of ongoing treatment does not mean he or … Continue reading

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Still Restricting Ice Cream?

When you're nearing the end of life, it's OK to eat dessert first!

Join SevenPonds each month as Tani Bahti, RN, CT, CHPN, offers practical on-hand guidance to demystify the dying process. As an RN since 1976, Tani has been working to empower families and healthcare professionals to have the best end-of-life experience possible both through education and the … Continue reading

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What is Occupational Therapy? An Interview with Julie Groves, Part One

In part one of our interview with Julie Groves, we talk about the specifics of occupational therapy and how it can improve the quality of lives nearing their end

Today SevenPonds is speaking with Julie Groves, owner of the occupational therapy organization Therapy In Your Home. Julie has been working in the field of home care since 1980, including experience in working in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Kimberly: How … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Conversation by Angelo E. Volandes, M.D.

The Conversation follows Dr. Angelo Volandes' revolutionary insight into what it means to die peacefully

Metastatic lung cancer had wreaked havoc on 78-year-old Taras Skripchenko’s body, yet Dr. Angelo E. Volandes had the impossible task of trying to save his life. The Ukrainian man had worked in coal mines his entire life, which would later … Continue reading

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How Can a Care Manager Improve Quality of Life for Seniors? An Interview with Janet Brush, Part One

Janet Brush talks about how care managers can work with clients, family and friends to craft individualized care plans to increase the quality of life for seniors

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Janet Brush, who is the founder and managing director of Senior Alternatives — a company that is focused on providing comprehensive senior care to residents in the Bay Area. Janet has extensive experience in the field … Continue reading

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Psychotherapy at the End of Life Helps Patients and Grieving Families

End-of-life patients pass on their memories and knowledge to families through the process of dignity therapy.

A study at University of Manitoba-Winnipeg, Canada, has tested an addition to the approach to end-of-life care for terminally-ill patients that seems to greatly increase a patient’s quality of life and reduce end-of-life distress. Unlike traditional palliative care, which focuses … Continue reading

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