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What is Cryonics?

An interview with Andy Zawacki, Cryonics Institute's Chief Operations Officer, Part One

Today SevenPonds speaks with Andy Zawacki, Chief Operations Officer for the Cyronics Institute (CI) in Clinton Township, Michigan. Andy has been involved with the facility since 1985 and now oversees and coordinates memberships and prepares documents and also facilitates cryonics. … Continue reading

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Cryonics: the future of burial

Entering the futuristic burial of cryonics

  Exploring different cultures, and different beliefs when it comes to burials and end of life, is endlessly intriguing. Among modern individuals, there is a cultural trend called cryonics. Cryonics is the process of freezing someone who has died, with hopes … Continue reading

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Robert Ettinger Passes From his First Life

A lesson on Nanotechnology, Singularity University, and Cryonics under the Redwoods

Robert Ettinger, the father of Cryonics, passed on July 23rd. For details on the cryonic process Ettinger scientifically proved possible (which involves slowly freezing the body, followed by suspension in a container of liquid nitrogen), click here. Life brings themes into … Continue reading

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The Detroit Triangle of Death Changes

How cryonics, aid-in-dying, and the state of the funeral trade came to be known

  The passing of Jack Kevorkian on Friday was particularly profound for me; not only because I hold a special place in my heart for the issue he championed, aid-in-dying — but also because Kevorkian resided in Michigan, near my … Continue reading

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