Memorial Planning Ideas: The Memory Jar

Pay homage to your loved one at a memorial with this meaningful memory jar

Practical Tips for Memorial Planning: The Memorial Memory Jar

Looking for a unique way to memorialize a loved one’s life?

When planning a memorial service, consider asking guests to bring something small to put in a memory jar as remembrance.  They may choose to make something (like a small colored cloud), or bring a dried flower, old heart locket, postcard, etc. to add to a memorial ‘memory’ jar. Here are three reasons why:



1) Togetherness: A memory jar can be a unique way of recognizing the individuality of a loved one, while fostering a sense of togetherness with those who are grieving his/her death.

2) A Gradual Grieving Process: By bringing a photo, shell, dried flower, etc. for the jar, your memorial group is embarking on a project that embraces grieving as a process and does not brush it off as a momentary feeling. Invite attendees to 1) bring a meaningful object, 2) regroup for its construction and 3) find a time to convene for its presentation.

3) Celebration: Your loved one lived a vibrant life, and the memory jar celebrates their originality with color, creativity, and individuality.

What are your memorial planning ideas? We look forward to your comments below.

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