Our Monthly Tip: Hand Out Forget-Me-Not Memorial Seed Packets

Give guests a living, growing plant to remember their loved one

A photo of a blue forget-me-not flower in bloom, grown from forget-me-not memorial seed packetsOur Tip of the Month

Bringing freshly cut flowers to a funeral is customary, but these delicate plants usually wilt within just a few days. In lieu of flowers, consider bringing forget-me-not memorial seed packets instead. Unlike pre-cut flowers, seed packets won’t die off soon after the funeral. And those who receive the packets will remember their loved one whenever they see the flowers growing in their garden or on their windowsill. Seed packets symbolize the emergence of new life, even in the face of death. This can be calming and empowering for grieving family and friends.

How-to Suggestion 

Forget-Me-Not seed packets

Credit: gloriasgardenandtea-etsy.com

If you’re hosting a memorial for a loved one, start by making enough memorial cards for every guest. Customize these cards to fit the personality of each guest or the unique relationship they had with the person who died. You might make cards with a simple saying related to remembering their loved one, for example. Or you might choose a card that makes references to flowers that will grow from the seeds inside the card. You might even give out cards with a forget-me-not flower on the front.

Once you’ve selected the perfect card, simply add a small packet of forget-me-not seeds on the inside of the card. Include a statement about what the seeds symbolize, and what you hope the guests will get from the experience of planting them. Or simply write, “Plant these seeds in memory of…” and some brief instructions on caring for the plants.

While forget-me-not memorial seed packets make thoughtful parting gifts for those who attended a memorial, they also make beautiful gifts to those hosting the memorial and grieving family members. By giving them the means to grow a new plant from scratch, you give them a living memorial of their loved one that, if tended to properly, can last for years.

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