Our Weekly Tip: Create a Memorial Table

Put some of your loved one's things on display to celebrate their life
Memorial table of dad

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Our Tip of the Week: One of the purposes of a funeral service is to recall memories. Some of these memories may be humorous and others serious. Still others will refelct important events in a person’s life, such as becoming an Eagle Scout, getting married or being awarded a Purple Heart. Share mementos of these events at your loved one’s service by displaying them on a memorial table for your guests to see.

How-to-Suggestion: A memorial table can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Many people choose an average-size card table because it is lightweight and easy to move. Other families like to display items on an altar at a place of worship or a funeral home.

Personal items on a memorial table

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Place items on the table that represent important themes from your loved one’s life. If your loved one served in the military and loved golf, for instance, you might display their uniform and favorite golf clubs. Or if your loved one enjoyed the theater, you could set out playbills from their favorite performances. There is no reason to stick to just one theme. Ballet slippers can go beside military boots, and stamp and coin collections can go beside DVDs.

Memorial table ideas

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Having a memorial table at your loved one’s service lets you share their treasured possessions with those who loved them most. It may also serve as a conversation starter and encourage the sharing of happy memories. Most importantly, it is a lovely way to pay tribute to the person’s life.

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