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How Do You Recover After the Loss of a Child? An Interview with Carol Kearns, Part One

Retired psychologist Carol Kearns talks about losing her daughter, Kristen, at age seven

Today in part one of a two-part interview, SevenPonds speaks with Carol Kearns, a retired psychologist who specialized in recent loss issues. Carol lost her own daughter, Kristen, when her daughter was seven years old, and has since dedicated her life to helping … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tomorrow Comes by Donna Mebane

In Tomorrow Comes, Donna Mebane tries to make sense of the sudden death of her daughter, imagining how she spends time in heaven

The unthinkable happened to Donna Mebane: her 19 year-old daughter Emma died suddenly in her sleep. She wasn’t sick; she simply went to bed one night and never woke up. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Emma Mebane left … Continue reading

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Classic Book Review: “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

A cautionary tale of how selfish desires of power and unattained knowledge can lead to devastating consequences of death and unbearable grief

Upon my rereading of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, not so pleasant memories of cramming in-depth analyses of and composing essays in preparation for the AP English exam eight years ago came flooding back to me. As someone who would describe … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel

A fictional character takes a fantastical journey to deal with loss

Everyone confronts grief differently. We all, consciously or unconsciously, create ways to cope and continue living as we deal with loss. Usually this involves some mixture of employing defense mechanisms, taking solace in escape and eliciting help and comfort from … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Griefprints” by Radha Stern

In a book about death and grief, Stern explains that "Grief is like fingerprints; everyone grieves in their own way" as they deal with death

Griefprints, by Radha Stern, describes itself as “A Practical Guide for Supporting a Grieving Person.” The author gives advice from a very personal place. She, in her own words, is “no stranger to grief,” having lost her “mother, all four grandparents, … Continue reading

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Widows Reflect on Aging and Dying

Helen Nearing and Joan Didion Offer Us Their Thoughts

I was recently rummaging through an old bookstore when I stumbled on a copy of the book Light on Aging and Dying, by Helen Nearing, written when she was a widow. I was familiar with Helen and her husband Scott’s … Continue reading

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