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Dogs Comfort The Bereaved in Funeral Homes

Our four-legged friends can help to ease grief

Dogs have been known to comfort us in our greatest times of need. And now, funeral directors across the nation have begun to utilize our furry friends’ sympathetic nature. Therapy dogs have been commonplace in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers … Continue reading

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New Laws Loosen Restrictions on Food and Drinks Served in Funeral Homes

Lawmakers pass measures allowing families to eat during memorial services

For decades, it was illegal for funeral homes in most states to serve food of any kind on the property, even if families requested this service. At the time, lawmakers were concerned about the spread of food-borne illness, believing that … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Bodies in Motion and at Rest” by Thomas Lynch

Essays touch on life, death and the author's 30+ years of experience in the funeral home industry

Thomas Lynch is both a published poet and funeral director, and these two facets of his persona are on full display in his book of essays, “Bodies in Motion and at Rest.” Published in 2000, the collection contains discussions and … Continue reading

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Mike Egan’s Paintings Explore the Whimsical Side of Death

Fine arts grad and former embalmer Mike Egan's paintings playfully balance life and death

Mike Egan is definitely using all his professionally-acquired skills these days. Since graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 2000, and then taking a detour through a career as an embalmer and funeral director, he … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Funeral Homes and the Funeral Trade

Read Funeral Director Thomas Lynch's book "The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade" for a real view inside funeral homes

I’m long overdue to review the unquestionably seminal The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, a book with an inside view of funeral homes. The work is written from the perspective of no less than a funeral director, Thomas … Continue reading

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Imagine a Day when Funeral Homes, Morticians and Cemeteries Are Even Creepier than They Are Now

Ahh yes, consider what was and what is now

As the topic of death becomes more popular, I watch our morbid fascination with the macabre play out in the media. I also get concerned about the mental stronghold the funeral industry is retaining on our personal experiences with death. … Continue reading

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