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Grief and the Special Needs Child

Being a special needs parent involves loss

In his book “When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” Rabbi Harold Kushner speaks eloquently about celebrating the birthday of his son, who was born with progeria, a disease that causes rapid and fatal aging. On the one hand, he … Continue reading

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“Death Sets a Thing Significant” by Emily Dickinson

A poem about cherishing what our loved ones leave behind

Even if you’re not a huge fan of poetry, you’ve most likely heard of mid-19th century poet Emily Dickinson. Born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, Dickinson spent most of her life completely isolated from the outside world. Her work was … Continue reading

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How Quakers Cope with Death

Honoring the dead brings solace to the grieving

The Quaker religion is a form of Christianity founded by George Fox in England around 1650. Six years later, in 1656, two women brought the Quaker religion to the United States. Quakers believe that Christ, and by extension God, lives … Continue reading

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“Shine On” by May Erlewine

An inspirational folk song that can lift the spirits of those struggling with grief

When you are grieving a loss, there are times when simply getting up in the morning seems like too much to bear. Life itself can feel overwhelming and burdensome, as if the simple act of taking in air is too … Continue reading

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The Revitalization of Tear Bottles

Ancient mourning ritual of capturing tears garners modern interest

The tradition of collecting one’s own tears in a lacrimatory, or tear bottle, dates back to ancient times.  Tear bottles are made of terracotta or glass, and can measure up to four inches in height. In ancient Rome and Greece, … Continue reading

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“Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith

Heartfelt song gives a voice to grief beyond reason

We have all been there: standing before a stark reality and wishing against all reason that what we know to be true isn’t so. A common trait encouraged in children is to be moderate, thoughtful and temperate with their emotions … Continue reading

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