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Film Series Review: “The Keepers” Directed by Ryan White

A documentary series unravels the mystery around a beloved nun's death

Following its massive success with the series “Making a Murderer,” Netflix has become the place for true crime enthusiasts to gather around and discuss complex murder mysteries. This year, Netflix released another fascinating series about murder and conspiratorial cover-ups,  “The Keepers.” In it, … Continue reading

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Memorial Song: “Missing You” by Diana Ross

This touching tribute to a fallen friend mirrors the pain of those left behind

Of all of the premature deaths in music, Marvin Gaye’s was perhaps the most shocking. Not only was he murdered at gunpoint, but the killer was his own father. At just 44 years old, Gaye left his mark on the … Continue reading

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What Does Genocide Look Like Through the Eyes of a Killer?

How death squad leader Anwar Congo views his role in the Indonesian killings of 1965

Life was brutal for many Indonesians in the mid-1960s, unless you happened to be a gangster selling movie tickets on the black market. They also extorted money from Chinese people living in the area. When they could not pay, they … Continue reading

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On Serial and Society’s Fascination with True Crime Stories

What this podcast reveals about our obsession with murder mysteries

Before television screens were a staple in every home, people huddled next to the radio to hear the latest entertainment. These old time radio shows thrived on our curiosity about mysteries, especially if they were of the murderous variety. Serial … Continue reading

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