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The INN Between Offers Hospice For the Homeless

Hospice center is the first of its kind in the US

Dying with dignity is something that a lot of homeless people will not get to do. But in Salt Lake City, Utah, terminally ill homeless people have a chance to receive hospice care thanks to The INN Between. According to … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Marcy: A Woman’s Battle with Ovarian Cancer

Marcy Westerling fought a public battle with stage IV ovarian cancer. In the wake of her death, we reflect on her wisdom and moxy

Every once in a while, you hear about someone like Marcy Westerling (March 25, 1959 – June 10, 2015). A woman who had undergone a fair share of adversity and prejudice, Marcy, a native New Yorker who made the Pacific … Continue reading

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Be Careful with How You Use War Metaphors for Terminally Ill Patients with Cancer

According to language and end-of-life care experts in a recent study, using metaphors, such as “losing your battle” or “battle to be fought,” can have a detrimental effect on the feelings of those dealing with terminal cancer diagnoses

According to an article on U.K.’s The Independent’s website, those with expertise in language and end-of-life care are saying that the standard media practice of describing “cancer as a ‘battle to be fought’ are leading to feelings or failure and … Continue reading

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Fighting in Style: The Evolution of Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Cancer survivor Allison W. Gryphon and designer Piper Gore don't want cancer fighters to compromise style

When Allison W. Gryphon was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she would have to adjust to major lifestyle changes – but compromising her style was not up for question. She collaborated with designer Piper Gore to create the “Fighter … Continue reading

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Belgium Discusses Legalizing Euthanasia for Terminally Ill Children

Controversial bill proposes euthanasia for terminally ill kids in Belgium

When we discuss what it means to “die a good death,” the question of how we plan our end of life becomes controversial when we broach the topic of whether or not we have the right to decide when we … Continue reading

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A No-Fear Approach to Death

Terminally ill doctor Stephen Wealthall explains why he has no fear of death, or any of the usual regrets of the dying

Death — and the sadness it invokes — lurk in the back of our minds as the inevitable, fearsome couplet of our life’s story. We have a concept of the trajectory of our days: they begin at birth and coast … Continue reading

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