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Eye of the Storm: Shawn Thornton Paints His Cancer

How an artist channeled a pineal gland tumor into stunning paintings

Philadelphia-based artist Shawn Thornton, now 40, suffered from a cancerous tumor of the pineal gland in his 20s.  Later, he channeled the pain of that experience into creating paintings that speak both to contemporary and yonder periods of art. The works … Continue reading

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Classic Book Review: “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway

We revisit Hemingway's classic to contemplate how the deaths of WWI hovered over Paris' "roaring" years.

I’d never meditated on “A Moveable Feast“’s relationship with death. Sure, I’d thought of Ernest Hemingway’s classic as a book about the obvious: hunger and gratitude, honesty and unrelenting love. F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were champions of the latter … Continue reading

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What is Suicide Prevention? An Interview with Jennifer Lockman

How Centerstone Research Institute uses data to provide better behavioral health disorder care to prevent suicide

Today SevenPonds speaks with Jennifer D. Lockman, M.S., of the non-profit organization Centerstone Research Institute. Based in Tennessee and Indiana, CRI aims to improve the quality of care for behavioral health disorders, including those that often result in suicide. Together … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Faith Link” by Max Fleury, MD

A doctor explores the influence of spirituality on one’s health -- and even one's lifespan

“The Faith Link: Scientific Proof That Your Belief Determines Your Health” (Charisma House, 2016) offers insights into the fascinating effects that one’s religious beliefs and spirituality can have on one’s health. The book’s author, the French Dr. Max Fleury, offers a valuable … Continue reading

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Frida Kahlo: In Conversation with Death

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's relationship with death and dying in her work and personal life

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was an artist whose work spoke to the emotional and intellectual identity of its subject matter – no easy feat for a woman who was, first and foremost, a self-portrait artist. She created portraits of the human … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Before Death: Estate Planning

How can you ease the uncertainties that can arise with settling an estate?

3 Tips to Keep in Mind During Estate Planning: 1) Gain Clarity: Understand what will need to be managed with this particular estate. Debt? Bank accounts? Real estate? 2) Embrace Proactivity: Many believe that estate planning shouldn’t be a concern … Continue reading

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