Book Review: “Keep Calm and Color On,” Illustrated by Katie Martin

A book that shows us that picking up a colored pencil can help ease the pain of grief

Suzette's "Keep Calm and Color On" book as mediation for the grievingI realize that “Keep Calm and Color On: The Coloring Book for Your Inner Creative” is not a book that qualifies as actual reading material. Yet as a form of mediation for those who are grieving, the genre should not be overlooked. Those who have experienced that horrible (you could hear a pin drop) moment of hearing bad news, whether its the sudden death of a loved one or a terminal diagnosis,  know that life suddenly turns completely upside down.

Case in point, when my closest friend Tedi’s father died years ago, she sorrowfully said to me, “Suzette, I couldn’t do the most rudimentary things, like driving a car.” I’ll never forget how she sounded when she said this to me. I could feel her pain through the phone many states away. Had I thought of it then, I would have sent her one of these beautiful adult coloring books. Coloring inside the lines would have been one of the few activities she would have been able to deal with while trying to cope with her grief. Coloring is a form of meditation that would have helped calm her mind while her emotions were spinning and her heart breaking. I regret I did not think of such a gift.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

~ Pablo Picasso

Quote from “Keep Calm and Color On”

"Keep Calm and Color On" book quote as mediation for the grieving“Keep Calm and Color On” is beautifully illustrated by Katie Martin, and intentionally designed as a “stress reliever.” Each double page features a different floral or geometric- inspired design for you to color in as you wish. And each beautiful 
"Keep Calm and Color On" book as mediation for the grievingdesign is accompanied by an inspiring quote. Since I am personally not one to meditate, this would be my choice of channeling my emotions – my form of meditation. Sadly, I have been there many times, but failed to think of one of these books as an alternative tool to soothe my spinning mind.

“Art therapy for my soul”

~ Reno

Quote from “Keep Calm and Color On”

I’ll keep this review short since “Keep Calm and Color On” is short too. But while it’s not a book of many words, it is in our SevenPonds Healing Library to give you an idea of things to do when life deals you, or someone you love, a hard blow. The book is especially lovely because you can order it personalized with a friend’s name and include a message too. It may not be for everyone, but it could be a perfect gift for someone who is wrangling with the reality of the unreal. Include a set of purchased colored pencils and this book will help a friend or family member’s emotions flow while idling the hours away.

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2 Responses to Book Review: “Keep Calm and Color On,” Illustrated by Katie Martin

  1. Oh, I would be rather wary to send someone this kind of a book to help them dealing with deep grief… During stress of an exam? Yes. When entering new job? Yes. Moving away from homeland? Yes. But when dealing with death or cancer, no.

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    • Hi Dobra,

      Thanks for the comment. I love to hear thoughts from our readers and what they think.

      I simply speak from my own experience. I spent hours (into years) alone with my head spinning at my computer. I was unable to get myself out to interact with the world, well except as needed with business. I would have liked to sit and fill in colors, but then I also like to doodle. Perhaps you are correct, that this is not for everyone. It would not be a tool to actually heal grief but a soothing tool to flow along with time and the acceptance.

      Based on your suggestion i will make changes reflecting this in the text. Thanks for the feedback!

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