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Is Alkaline Hydrolysis Good for the Environment?

An interview with Philip Olson, Part Two

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Philip Olson, an assistant professor of Science and Technology in Society at Virginia Tech. Olson researches bioethics and environmental ethics, analyzing society’s complex relationship with new technologies. He has a particular interest in the study of alkaline … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View” by Doron Kornbluth

A case advocating burial over the increasingly popular practice of cremation

Modern society tends to prefer cremation: it is perceived as cheaper than a burial, more environmentally sound, and, well, just more hip. To the contemporary person, “the idea of scattering ashes seems a eco-friendly alternative” to burial. The idea of … Continue reading

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Want to Care for Earth Even After You’re Dead? Put on the Mushroom Death Suit

Jae Rhim Lee, the founder of the Infinity Burial Project, turns to mushrooms as an answer for a greener future

There’s something elemental about mushrooms, as they appear with their earthy smell — the very manifestations of the soil itself. In ancient Egypt, mushrooms were declared sacred and were only consumed by royalty. Associated with mythology and lore, mushrooms can … Continue reading

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New Eco-Friendly Coffin for Cremation

The Innovative Soul Ash Solace Coffin from Maximal Design of Belgium

Soul Ash Solace has an innovative design for a funereal vessel- it is made of light-weight materials that are completely biodegradable, (and much less harmful for our planet than showy, lacquered coffins and the like) such as papier-mache and corrugated … Continue reading

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What to Do When Someone Dies

Ten Tips Above and Beyond Typical Funeral Arrangements

Everyday at SevenPonds we are working hard to research and expand our content to arm our readers with more information, guidance and choices on what to do when someone dies. Our daily deep dive allows a wide knowledge base of … Continue reading

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The Progression of Burial and Cremation Alternatives

In Europe and Florida, Novel After-Death Disposition Options are Slowly Reaching the Public

Today, our after-death disposition choices in the U.S. are almost exclusively limited to cremation and burial. When most people think of burial, they think of full-casket funerals in a conventional cemetery with an embalmed body, suits, flower wreaths, and a … Continue reading

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