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Do You Want to Live Forever?

Aubrey de Grey is out to prove we can

I was recently introduced to Aubrey de Grey, who’s on a mission to show us how we can live forever and raise the funding needed to start the research process to do so. Sound crazy? Well, if given the chance … Continue reading

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Robert Ettinger Passes From his First Life

A lesson on Nanotechnology, Singularity University, and Cryonics under the Redwoods

Robert Ettinger, the father of Cryonics, passed on July 23rd. For details on the cryonic process Ettinger scientifically proved possible (which involves slowly freezing the body, followed by suspension in a container of liquid nitrogen), click here. Life brings themes into … Continue reading

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At SevenPonds, White is the New Black

Iphones, the “black screen of death,” and the future

One morning last week, as I was getting out of bed and the day’s agenda began whirling through my mind — I managed to drop my iPhone into a tumbler of water. I immediately dried it off and saw with … Continue reading

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