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When Pretense Is All That’s Left

For some people who are seriously ill, keeping up appearances is more important than support

Some time ago, a friend told me about an acquaintance whom she hadn’t seen for a long time. The acquaintance had a long history of health challenges, but as far as my friend knew, she was doing well. Then the … Continue reading

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Sharing Grief During the Holidays

A pastor in Wisconsin held a special service to acknowledge parishioners' grief

The holidays come with a host of expectations. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of these is the feeling that we must put a smile on our faces no matter how we feel. This “forced cheer” can be difficult for anyone under … Continue reading

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Finding Words

Emily McDowell's Empathy Cards beautifully frame empathic connection

Hallmark cards are there for the saccharine sweet moments in life, but how do you send a card to someone you know who is dying? Send one of Emily McDowell’s emotionally rich Empathy Cards. Being on either side of a terminal … Continue reading

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