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Scientists Discover Gene That Determines How Fast Your Brain Will Age

The effects of TMEM106B kick in once a person reaches the age of 65

A new study conducted by Columbia University Medical Center Researchers and published this week in the journal Cell Systems identifies a gene that seemingly dictates how fast a brain ages.  The gene, called TMEM106B, begins to effect the brain once … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Live Forever?

Aubrey de Grey is out to prove we can

I was recently introduced to Aubrey de Grey, who’s on a mission to show us how we can live forever and raise the funding needed to start the research process to do so. Sound crazy? Well, if given the chance … Continue reading

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An Interview with Dr. Nader Shabahangi

The president and CEO of AgeSong Institute opens up about elder care and our fear of aging

Nader Shabahangi, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist based in the Bay Area. Through his work at the AgeSong Institute and its elder communities, he has become an advocate for elders and for programs that provide more comprehensive elder care. His … Continue reading

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